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 "The "primitive" world view is commonly one of spiritual immanence.

The body and its functions are seen as direct expression of a conscious guiding principle.

This understanding is of value both to the practice of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils generally.

For what better way to influence the mind and the Spirit than through a physical medium that captures with such evocative power the very essence of Nature?" AROMATHERAPY for HEALING the SPIRIT - GABRIEL MOJAY, 1997

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Ntuka has always been about creating Luxurious, uncomplicated aromatic oil blends that work as a medium to deliver nourishment and balance to both the body and the spirit. While nourishing the body is as clear at it reads, in reference to our physical being that is the skin in this case, one may wonder what I mean by nourishing the spirit? For me it simply means bringing calm, clarity and positivity to our everyday thinking and feeling. Cultivating a positive relationship with ourselves and the world around us particularly now in a world that appears to be increasingly becoming so insanely unbalanced.

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